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Wappwolf Automator turned 1! Here is our gift for you!


We startet the year 2012 with a firework of media coverage all around the world.

What an exciting year!

For a startup and its team the feedback of users and fans is the reward.

Today we want to thank you all with this special offer.

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A summer full of work: new product development, monitoring usage and traffic, and other news


You haven’t heard from us for quite a bit? Yes, correct. Thought we’re off taking some generous holidays? Nice idea, but frankly speaking – no. Even though we have to admit that the weather so far has treated us very well, we’ve spent the summer working on a number of fields to improve our product.

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Take a healthy bite on your Facebook photos. Backup, sync and share them automatically with the Wappwolf Automator for Facebook


We make your Facebook photos work for you, so you get back more time from your online life: today we bring new features to all Automators that allow you to upload photos and videos to Facebook pages. And better yet – after our first steps with the Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox, G Drive and Box today we launch the Wappwolf Automator for Facebook.

Sharing photos with friends and family? Get tagged in a photo and would like to keep a backup copy of it in your cloud storage? Want to get your company blog automated with Facebook for Pages?

With the Wappwolf Automator for Facebook you can now automatically backup, sync and share photos easily. The additional features for all other Automators make your online life even more powerful. And there’s more yet, read on!


The Wappwolf Automator for Box. Bringing the same functionality loved by Dropbox and GDrive users to Box!


We are excited to announce our Wappwolf Automator for Box. Our goal is to provide you with a Wappwolf Automator for all of your cloud-based collaboration platforms. We want to deconstruct these boundaries that have risen by providing you with deeper functionality to play with your files, your photos, your documents, your notes, giving you more of what you need. With the Wappwolf Automator for Box we are excited for the possibilities users will now have to automate the cloud whether it is for personal use, businesses or enterprise IT.


Introducing the Wappwolf Action Pack. Helping you Automate your life in the Cloud


How do you connect the Cloud? Here at Wappwolf we are constantly working on how we can showcase the advantages of what we offer and how you the user can take advantage of it!  This time we decided the best way is to show you, so we created The Wappwolf Action Pack showcasing the most popular ways people are using Wappwolf and how they are managing their various services in the Cloud.


Our Wappwolf Action Pack is a short collection of videos that show you how to use the most popular features of Wappwolf. We wanted to give live demonstrations that really show our power users and our newcomers how Wappwolf can be used without the hassle of learning a new process from scratch. So now you can print on the go, any document, end the life of email attachments and reduce the annoyance of attaching files. Read the rest of this article »

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