Wappwolf at StartupLounge of European Forum Alpbach

by HWeiss - CoFounder/grey wolf on 30/08/2010

StartupLounge European Forum Alpbach

It was an amazing two day event in Alpbach (August 27-28, 2010).
Congratulations to the guys of StartEurope who did an awesome job organising that side event to the European Forum Alpbach. And a big thankyou, I guess the others will agree, also in the name of the whole startup crowd of Austria.

It was a wonderful place to let the entrepreneurial spirit of Austria prosper and to work together with young people on their ideas.

I met some interesting and experienced startup and serial entrepreneurs.
There was a very interesting panel discussion moderated by Martin Kugler of Die Presse: on stage Daniel Mattes, Markus Wagner, Reshma Sohoni, Selma Prodanovic, Christopher Kahler.

I had interesting talks among others with Lukas Zinnagl of Techcrunch Europe, Reshma Sohoni CEO of Seedcamp

A big thank you also to the guys of Dreamacademia who invited me to a video interview which will be available soon on their web tv channel DreamA TV

I cannot mention all the interesting chats i had but finally i like to tell you about Jakob Steinschaden of KURIER. We talked quite a long time about Wappwolf, myself, his new book which will be released end of September about Facebook, my book plans, the experience of a startup entrepreneur and a  lot of other things…

To sum up: networking is key, that was the focus why i attended the event – great people, good spirit, just do it

From my and the Wappwolf perspective i have to say that we are quite honoured and in an exceptional situation having the chance and possibility of being invited to launch our product in Silicon Valley at the most famous launchpad of emerging technologies, the DEMO Conference in September 2010. From idea to launch within 6 months…

This is now the most exciting period of my career and the journey together with my wolf pack had just begun…
After having talked to many others about the Valley and Demo i am sure that nobody can imagine what we will face there….but we promise we will tell you the stories…AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN

Thumbs up for Wappwolf
Harald Weiss
Grey Wolf


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