How lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf….

by MEisler - CEO/Alpha on 12/02/2011
Wappwolf CEO Mike iSler at Demo Fall10

CEO Mike iSler at Demo Fall10

I got the inspiration for the header quote by Tim Reha who commented a Facebook post about our Demo Spring visit “Look forward to tweeting it up with you!”

Demo Fall 2010 alumn Wappwolf will join again the Demo crowd at the Spring11 event in Palm Springs Feb 27 – Mar 1.

Following that great event we start our US roadshow to LA, San Francisco, Silicon Valley etc. to meet investors, lawyers, PR people and others who will assist the wolfpack to set up our business in the US and to get all ready for the market entry in a couple of months…

And of course we will lead the #democon hashtag on twitter again…to meet TimĀ“s expectations. We will keep you updated with a number of pics, vids, posts and other information so be fan of our Wappwolf FB page and follow us on twitter.

The next new features are already in the pipeline and will be live until our departure.
So please sign up and give us feedback, send us your ideas and usecases and don’t forget to

Howl with the pack

Wappwolf Team

Dieter, Harald, Manuel, Chris


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  1. 15/02/2011Tim Reha says:

    Hey Guys!

    Just a quick shout out that we are excited to have you as DEMO Alumni!

    Keep the wolf pack howling at the moon!

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