Wappwolf Demo & Test Camp “One Click – BIG Action”

by HWeiss - CoFounder/grey wolf on 10/08/2011

Wappwolf Camp - one click BIG ActionHi, and welcome to the Wappwolf Demo & Test Day!

Yep, we’re finally ready to go with our platform – hurray! ;)

Thus, we are absolutely delighted to present it to you, spend some time with you having a go at it and getting to know what you like or dislike, or what works and what doesn’t in your eyes.

After all, we built this thing for YOU - to make your life easier, to save you a bunch of time.

We are calling up on you to join us -and please be very welcome to bring along some other people -for a test & demo day:

VIENNA: Thursday, August 25, 2011 starting at 5pm at Sektor 5 > click here to register

LINZ: Monday, August 22, 2011 starting at 5pm at Daxbau > click here to register

BIG Action – First click (donĀ“t forget your laptop ;-) ) > then Party

The whole Wappwolf pack is going to be there.
Come along, and howl with the pack!

Wappwolf Team


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