With Apple not Holding onto any longer, Wappwolf Launches App for iPhone and iPad

by Johnny TheDoc on 10/09/2011

(Source: Apple iTunes, 2011)

Yes, it escaped (a bit too early). And yes, probably you have heard about it already: we are very proud to announce that our app for iPhone or iPad is available on the iTunes App Store.

Never mind the escape, as it is live already we may as well provide you with some information about it. The Wappwolf App for iPhone or iPad enables you to execute your beloved actions directly on your device. We tried to keep the interface as close to the experience from the web platform that you are used to – the only addition is the Wappwolf Action Button at the bottom-centre of the menu bar. Pressing this button opens a quick-menu that enables you to select from existing photos or a new photo for processing.
Files attached to emails can be directly processed from your inbox: in the email selected, press and hold down the file you wish to process. A menu will open – there select “open in” and choose “Wappwolf”. You will now be transferred to the Wappwolf App, where only actions for your specific file types are shown.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow to access any other files or documents on your iPhone / iPad other than photos and email attachments. So, we are working hard to add more actions within this field that save valuable time for you.

Bare in mind that this version doesn’t include all features yet. We are still working on signing up, intro / tutorial pages, social media connect to start specific actions (e.g. Dropbox), and action descriptions.
There is an update of the app coming by the end of September when most of these issues will be solved.

Now it is your turn – all you need to do is download and install the app, sign in and have a go at it. Tell us what you think about it. We love your feedback!


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