The Wolf in New Clothes. Wappwolf is Now Open For All!

by Johnny TheDoc on 10/11/2011


It has been some 12 months since Mike iSler took center stage at Demo Fall 2010, and presented a bold vision to change the way people handle files. After a hard year of work we are happy to open the gates to the new Wappwolf – the next generation productivity tool that will save you lots of time and hassle processing files and documents.

When we started out a little more than a year ago people looked at us as the nerds working on the “next big thing”. But it didn’t start there – the idea for Wappwolf was born years ago when there was no iPhone and iTunes App store on the horizon. We just didn’t do it then, as the timing was not right – thanks to Apple that changed quite a bit, and it didn’t take long to pick up the idea and make it happen. And soon we were off to San Francisco to present it – here is the video from Demo Conference for those who missed it.

DEMO Conference Michael Eisler CEO Wappwolf

So, here we are now after a long year of hard work. There is an awful lot we have learned, and we are happy to share that with you – for now though, what is it that we are so proud of? Let us explain it like this – imagine a world where you can execute repetitive tasks with files that you do on a daily basis by the click of a button.

Yes, like shopping on Amazon: you click that famous and now patented “one-click” button, and in the blink of an eye that photos which a friend just shared on your Dropbox got re-sized, auto-rotated, auto-enhanced, red eyes removed, location tag added and automatically posted as album to Flickr and Facebook. Or, that email that you just received from a co-worker containing the raw data for the marketing report – wouldn’t it be great if there is a tool that copies these numbers, sorts and formats them, fills them in at the right place, produces a nice report and automatically saves a copy? And all that by clicking a button or even setting an auto-trigger so it happens automatically? From any device? Yes. Imagine how much time this could save you!
This is what Wappwolf is all about – a tool that makes those repetitive tasks associated with file processing really easy. From any device and any place. That is our bold vision.
So, where is the catch? Nowhere, really. Except for one critical factor – we realized that instead of throwing the service with its full capabilities at once at you is not a good strategy. Thus, we will follow a stepped approach by which new features and functions will be introduced.
Consequently, at present only simple actions are offered as well as creation of actions is limited to our development team. By this we ensure that you can familiarize yourself with the system at your pace.
New features will be announced in our blog and presented with tutorials.

One more thing: starting a start-up is never easy – countless days of long working hours, limited time with friends and every so often thinking that your product is great when you haven’t really shown it to someone yet. We had to learn it the hard way from you, and that’s why we really spent a lot of effort on design and usability. Not everything is perfect and available yet – there is an update for the iPhone / iPad app coming by mid November, and we are working extremely hard to release new features.

Thanks for all your support and feedback so far. We really appreciate those words!

The Wappwolf Team
Mike, Harald, Dieter, Christian, Manuel, and Michael


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