Introducing: Dropbox for Wappwolf

by Johnny TheDoc on 24/11/2011


The world of Wappwolf is getting bigger fast! Today we are happy to announce that Dropbox joined our list of apps and now connects to us. With Wappwolf it is doing a lot more than storage and sync of files between devices.

Drew Houston, CEO and founder of Dropbox, mentioned in a recent interview that “The way we manage files on a computer is insane. We’ve had this system for decades, but there’s still no one button that says ‘put this online’ [..]” *. Wappwolf delivers precisely this button. Say hello to Dropbox for Wappwolf!

We have selected the most popular solution for storage and backup on the web and make it work for you: as of now you can connect to Dropbox from within Wappwolf. Once you are connected you are able to select folders directly from Dropbox and have them processed by Wappwolf, or save your files to Dropbox easily by a click of the “Action!”-button. It is really that easy, and it saves you time.

Still don’t know how to kick this off? No problem – we created a tutorial that shows how it works: .

But we are not stopping there. At Wappwolf we are constantly innovating – soon you will be able to set a trigger to your Dropbox folders that will automatically start an action each time a file is put in that folder. For example, all photos that you put in a specific folder at Dropbox that you marked with a trigger automatically get re-sized and uploaded to Flickr.

Also, we are working on selecting single files from your Dropbox folders. Sub-folders are currently not taken into account when processing a folder.

Thanks for using Wappwolf, and stay tuned!

The Wappwolf Team

Mike, Harald, Dieter, Christian, Manuel, and Michael

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    [...] bei der im Umgang mit dem Netz versierten Nutzerschaft auszulösen, wie es ifttt gelungen ist.Mit der gerade vorgestellten Dropbox-Integration macht Wappwolf nun jedoch einen entscheidenden Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Ab sofort können [...]

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