Wappwolf Launch & Cocktails (Holiday Soiree)

by mlipper on 6/12/2011


Something was missing so far. Yes, you got it: a hot launch party in San Francisco to meet our US Team around Michael Lipper. We invited users, partners, investors, developers and many more interesting people to celebrate the launch with us. And of course we made it, and served a great audience enjoying the evening and listening to the company presentation.

Mid of November this year Wappwolf dressed up and launched its new user interface. And about a week ago we released our first Dropbox feature. Now you are able to manipulate files directly out of Dropbox and, besides other options, store it back to another Dropbox folder. So you are saving at least one manual task not having to download your files to your local device. Boost your productivity! And new amazing features and apps will be launched very soon!

Shaun Saunders, our great PR agent, gave our guests a warm welcome at the door and inside we served fresh Belgium waffles and delicious drinks. People were really interested in what Wappwolf is all about and so we pitched them shortly while talking to them. Everybody was networking and exchange of business cards was the after burner of the party.

We could reach out to some VCs and mentors, people and friends from Twitter, Twilio, PR and press folks, developers and many more. So we had a great mix of people addressable with our message and video, which people liked.

We received damn good feedback to product and strategy and also offers for partnerships. The interview team from Newspepper did a great job and after all interviews were in the box we could lay back, chatting again and having one or the other Cranberry-Red Wine-Caipirinha.

Wappwolf´s Launch Party was a great success! Thanks to all assistants and attendees and of course to Duggan providing Cantina for this special event!

Michael Lipper


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