It’s here: “Auto-fill” for all Actions. Save your information. No more re-typing.

by Johnny TheDoc on 15/12/2011


Today we are bringing you a pre-christmas gift: “auto-fill” is here! It works with all actions, and means you don’t have to re-type information again. That really saves you lots of time. Now how is your bank going to react to that?

We are really happy about the great feedback we have received so far. But there was one thing missing, something very important: up until today you had to enter your information again when starting an action. There simply wasn’t a possibility to save your information. We have to acknowledge that most online-banking systems can do that.
But, let us tell you that we didn’t miss this one. Starting with today we are enabling the “auto-fill” feature for all actions. Hurray!

So, how does it work? Fairly easy indeed, you can read about it here. There is a new “save”-button – hit this one and add a name for your template. The next time you want to start the same action you can select from any template that you saved, and your information will be automatically entered in the input fields. No more re-typing. One more click on the “Action!”-button, and all is done.

We think your bank is going to be proud of that! As usual, we are not stopping there and will bring you more features before Xmas – after all, Xmas is still some days away and our Wappwolf Santa Claus has some gifts left in its “cloud slay”.

For now you may wish to send some postcards with your photo to friends and family with Wappwolf and make use of this new feature. After all it only costs $2.30; remember that Apple charges you $4.99 per piece!

Enjoy the pre-christmas time and thanks for using Wappwolf!

The Wappwolf Team
Mike, Harald, Dieter, Christian, Manuel, and Michael


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