Solutions for a more efficient planet: Wappwolf joins list of vTiger extensions

by Johnny TheDoc on 19/12/2011


Rocky Balboa might have taken cinemas by storm in 1976, but nowadays there is more to it than advertising in newspapers. Processing reports, files and customer data is part of a business’ activities in luring customers, and it just got a whole lot easier. “Adrian, Adrian. ..!” anyone?

Yes, we love that movie too – it’s a real classic. But what is it that we are talking about? Let us explain: if you are a customer running vTiger (or if you think of becoming one) you will be glad to hear that there is the Wappwolf “Action!”-button that can be directly integrated with the user interface of vTiger for quotes and invoices. That enables you to select actions from the Wappwolf action store directly in vTiger whenever you work on quotes and invoices that help you manage your tasks with files more efficient. Wappwolf will fetch the file(s) and process them in the cloud. That is nice.

What does that mean for you? You save time, because you do not have to download a file, process it on your computer and upload it again. Wappwolf does that for you: you select an action that fits the processing you normally do with a file. Then you press the “Action!”-button once and the file is being processed for you; optionally you can also archive it to Dropbox, storage or any other folder or storage solution you might use. Read also here.
If you cannot find an action that matches what you are looking for simply tell us and we will create it for you. Very soon already you will be able to create actions at Wappwolf yourself, but let’s take it step-by-step for now.

Here is a practical example: you want to send a quote which you prepared for a customer. Normally this would require exporting the file, printing and signing it, and afterwards faxing or emailing it. With Wappwolf you can do all this by the click of the “Action!”-button, and there isn’t even a need to sign it manually – you can sign it electronically, so you don’t loose times with quotes.

That is very practical and saves you time. One punch on the “Action!”-button, BIG hit! Like Rocky Balboa vs Apollo in 1976.

For installation of the Wappwolf “Action!”-button with vTiger please refer to the information section here.

We hope you like it, and help us spread the word amongst the vTiger community!

The Wappwolf Team
Mike, Harald, Dieter, Christian, Manuel, and Michael


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