A Review: 48 Hours of Awesomeness

by Johnny TheDoc on 31/12/2011

Thank you!

We couldn’t have asked for more as a New Year’s present, could we? When we launched Dropbox Automator some two days ago we hoped that some blog will pick up on it. Oh boy, were we wrong. Seriously wrong!

It’s not an understatement at all: when you have top tech blogs like Lifehacker, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and Engadget writing about you or your product, you must have done something right. It looks like we did precisely that with Dropbox Automator.

Naturally when you have these big weights blogging about you lots of people read about it, and that causes a considerable lot of people visiting your site and giving it a shot. This is precisely what happened, and with ever more people processing a significant number of large files our service slowed down at times. Also, some actions failed due to the heavy load. We would like to apologize for that, we are already working on fixing that.

Overall though we could not be happier with what happened in these last 48 hours. A big thanks to Adam Dachis of LifeHacker, Sarah Perez of TC, Martin Brinkmann of Ghacks, Joe Brockmeier of ReadWriteWeb, and Terrence O’Brien of Engadget for the articles about Dropbox Automator.

Here a word from our CEO, Mike iSler:

“‎2011 was an amazing year. We tried a lot of different things to come up with an easy understanding of what Wappwolf can do for the world. With the simplicity of our satellite Dropbox Automator we are now able to address the market and brand our understanding of automagical file processing with actions provided by developers who want to use us as THE marketplace for file processing. We started AT the same time as ifttt but we put a lot of work on how to design, to communicate and to show our potential!

We love ifttt and are looking forward to a partnership with them, so together we have a powerful solution that can make the web work for you. We also love Dropbox, and hope to have left a message with their CEO Drew Houston onto what Wappwolf could do for them.

We are proud and thankful for your feedback and your support. And we are stunned and pretty happy of the coverage all over the world these past 48 hours of this awesome year! Stay tuned- the Pack is back in 2012.

Alpha of Wappwolf Inc, Michael Eisler! Howl!

A last word from us before we say good bye to 2011: Dropbox Automator is a service provided and powered by Wappwolf. It is not a service provided by Dropbox, one of the web’s most favourite online storage solutions, as some suggested.

The full reading list of articles is provided below for you. Keep on spreading the word, you rock!

We’ll be back in the new year with some awesome new features that you will love! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and see you soon.

The Wappwolf Team
Mike, Harald, Dieter, Christian, Manuel, and Michael

Press clippings:
LifeHacker: Dropbox Automator automatically processes images, text, pdfs and other files in your Dropbox any way you choose

TechCrunch: Dropbox Automator is like ifttt for Dropbox

GHacks: Dropbox Automator process Dropbox files automatically

ReadWriteWeb: Automatic file conversions and more with Dropbox

Engadget: Dropbox Automator triggers monotonous tasks with uploading of a file


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    so true!!! I read about WappWolf form http://thenextweb.com :D

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    quite informative…

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