It’s Here: The Update of the iPad/iPhone App, Now with Dropbox Support

by Johnny TheDoc on 20/01/2012

Are you holding onto your New Year’s Wishes? We do. A lot of you asked for an update to our iPad / iPhone App. Here it is, fresh from our production line. Shiny, new, and now supporting Dropbox.

Obviously there is a couple of New Year’s Wishes we have put into our Wappwolf box. Having seen Dropbox Automator finding so many friends all over the world in the blink of an eye, we hope you like the update of the iPad/iPhone App.

We listened carefully to your feedback, and incorporated many of the changes you requested: what you see is what you get, a shiny new piece of first class automation for your iPhone / iPad. The user interface now resembles the design of the web app, which people love.

And because you and us love Dropbox so much, we made sure you can connect to it from within our App. That is awesome, because now you can save your processed files to Dropbox: say you have a bunch of photos on your iPhone and would like to have a copy with thumbnails in your Dropbox, the app will do that for you.
And there is many other great things it can do for you, simply explore all the actions. Use filters to help you better find pictures, documents, and favorites – or select all.

Storage has been redesigned as well, offering you the possibility to upload a photo from an existing album or to take new ones with the camera. Any file in storage can be deleted by pressing down the finger on the file and swipeing to the left or right.

What we also included is a tutorial that provides some basic information about how to use it – nothing special for the power use, but definitely useful for starters.

Oh, one more thing (we couldn’t resist to quote Steve): The new Wappwolf iOS App is now ready for download. You can find the App in the iTunes App Store.

The Wappwolf Team
Mike, Harald, Dieter, Christian, Manuel, and Michael


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