Attach Me to Efficiency Through The Wappwolf Automator

by Johnny TheDoc on 12/04/2012

The Wappwolf Automator and is revolutionizing your productivity. Imagine getting rid of the cumbersome E-mail attachments you constantly receive and either replacing them with easy-to-read PDFs or conveniently housing them in your personal Dropbox or Evernote accounts. Now you can do exactly that and process even more – directly through your GMail account. Below are some examples of what you can do to increase efficiency, organization and greater productivity when dealing with digital documents, even when you’re on the run.

Convert a Document to a PDF

You receive an E-mail with an attached word document, deep breath, your attitude toward these types of E-mails will soon be changed. Through you can set up an automatic filing rule that sends your document from your GMail over to a specific file in your Dropbox. That specific file in your Dropbox account can be saved to a folder where The Wappwolf Automator automatically converts your document to a PDF file. So, once sends a document to the specific Dropbox folder, The Wappwolf Automator will take the document and convert it into an easy to read PDF.

Organize Your Photos

Photos sent to your GMail as attachments also present a hassle. Use to send the photos to your Dropbox with the automatic filing rule, where The Wappwolf Automator can automatically resize or edit and organize them for you in the selected Dropbox folder. The beauty is in the simplicity.

Send Your Attachments From Your GMail to Evernote

The Wappwolf Automator and can help you effectivly organize your attachments from your GMail into your Evernote. Send your GMail attachments with to your designated Dropbox folder. Within the same folder you can have The Wappwolf Automator setup to “Upload to Evernote” so that your document is sent directly from your Dropbox to your Evernote. This happens automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

Send files to your Amazon Kindle, zip files and even upload photos to Facebook, Google+, or Flickr all from your GMail. The possibilities are endless!

For easy, step-by-step instructions to help you setup your and Wappwolf Automation combination, click here.


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