Wappwolf Automator now for GDrive, leveraging the functionality that you Love

by Johnny TheDoc on 3/05/2012

Wappwolf Automator has processed 1 million files, since we started connecting clouds, like Dropbox, Evernote and Attachments.me. Last month alone, over 170,000 photos were automatically synced between Dropbox and Picasa accounts. That is over 5,500 photos in one day.

On average, it takes about a minute per photo to upload to Picasa, which means that those users saved a total of 92 hours a day processing their photos through Wappwolf. Over the span of a month that equates to 2,760 user-hours saved! In addition, 100,000 files were converted to PDF and 35,000 documents were uploaded to individual Kindles. Wappwolf is on a mission to bring order and simplicity back to personal cloud application users’ lives. By leveraging the products and software we already use and love, Wappwolf enables us to save time and manage our lives better. With so many competing clouds trying to lock us in and take ownership of our data, Wappwolf is creating the pathway to give us, the consumer, more power about where we house our documents, photos and videos.

Now check out how to use GDrive with Wappwolf! With a video on how to send a PDF file to your Kindle – Lawyers are going to love this!

Some examples of why we love Wappwolf Automator for GDrive:

Wappwolf is listening closely to consumers wants and zeroing in on the blank spots in the cloud. Where a connection in file processing is needed. Wappwolf is determined to deconstruct the barriers of the cloud by offering you the accessibility you need at all your major access points.

Enjoy hassle-free filing, conversion and storage functionality all bundled into one!


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