Introducing the Wappwolf Action Pack. Helping you Automate your life in the Cloud

by Johnny TheDoc on 18/05/2012

How do you connect the Cloud? Here at Wappwolf we are constantly working on how we can showcase the advantages of what we offer and how you the user can take advantage of it!  This time we decided the best way is to show you, so we created The Wappwolf Action Pack showcasing the most popular ways people are using Wappwolf and how they are managing their various services in the Cloud.


Our Wappwolf Action Pack is a short collection of videos that show you how to use the most popular features of Wappwolf. We wanted to give live demonstrations that really show our power users and our newcomers how Wappwolf can be used without the hassle of learning a new process from scratch. So now you can print on the go, any document, end the life of email attachments and reduce the annoyance of attaching files.

Upload Files to Evernote

With Wappwolf Automator you can easily have your files sent directly to Dropbox or Google Drive as well as Evernote. Not only will your files appear in Evernote but they will be neatly organized in the trunk exactly the way you want them. This saves you precious time by simply letting Wappwolf cut out extra steps.

Google Cloud Print

With Wappwolf Automator and Google Cloud Print you can print your documents from just about anywhere. Now, even while you are still on vacation you can simply send a photo from your phone and have it print instantly on your parent’s printer back home.

File Elements

File Elements works as placeholders that can be added to text fields which can be replaced by links, file names, file sizes and more. It’s like sending yourself a little reminder with important information.

Unzip/Unrar Files

Ever tried to unzip or unrar a file on your phone while you’re away from your computer? Then you probably know how incredibly annoying converting that file can be. With Wappwolf all you have to do is set up an Action and you’re ready to go. with Wappwolf for Dropbox with Wappwolf takes the hassle out of cumbersome email attachments. With email attachments being so difficult to manage you can just have them automatically placed into your Dropbox account and converted to PDF so you can view them when it’s most convenient for you. Avoid having to go through the nightmare of scouring through your inbox for an email attachment from last month.

Check out The Wappwolf Action Pack here and get started today!


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