The Wappwolf Automator for Box. Bringing the same functionality loved by Dropbox and GDrive users to Box!

by Johnny TheDoc on 23/05/2012

We are excited to announce our Wappwolf Automator for Box. Our goal is to provide you with a Wappwolf Automator for all of your cloud-based collaboration platforms. We want to deconstruct these boundaries that have risen by providing you with deeper functionality to play with your files, your photos, your documents, your notes, giving you more of what you need. With the Wappwolf Automator for Box we are excited for the possibilities users will now have to automate the cloud whether it is for personal use, businesses or enterprise IT.

The Wappwolf Automator for Box – What it gives your business life!

Businesses familiar with Box’s safe and secure file transfer have the perks of carefree collaboration. With the Wappwolf Automator for Box we have sweetened the deal allowing you to automate tasks within your business while comfortably knowing that Box has everything under control. Increase your productivity and creativity by instantly sharing and converting documents with different team members wherever they are. 

The Wappwolf Automator for Box can convert files so that they are ready to be viewed on smartphones or tablets without having to go through the trouble of making the changes yourself. Share your ideas seamlessly through the cloud and take your business to new heights.

The Wappwolf Automator for Box – What it gives the Enterprise!

The enterprise has seen the benefit of moving their content to the cloud with lowered costs and increased functionality. With Box you can keep all your content in one easy to manage location. Instead of having your information spread across multiple silos you can have them all housed under one amazing service. With The Wappwolf Automator for Box you can have all of that content work for you with Wappwolf’s automations. Work through any mobile enabled device and send out critical information that Wappwolf will convert to any file format. All you need to do is click a few buttons to get started and then you’re done. Receive a critical report and securely send it to all the members of your team without having to lift a finger.  The Wappwolf Automator for Box takes care of it so you don’t have to.

Try it now!

Get started with our new Wappwolf Automator for Box and don’t forget to check out our Action Pack videos to learn about other great automations.


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  1. 9/06/2012ReadItLater | Nol | Log says:

    [...] The Wappwolf Automator for Box. Bringing the same functionality loved by Dr [...]

  2. 5/09/2012Michael Janisch says:

    What happened to Automator for Skydrive? I could swear that I saw an announcement some month ago that this will come soon.

  3. 6/09/2012wwadmin says:

    yes you are right but Microsoft states in their guidelines that automatic uploads are not allowed…we continue our talks with them

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