A summer full of work: new product development, monitoring usage and traffic, and other news

by Johnny TheDoc on 1/08/2012

You haven’t heard from us for quite a bit? Yes, correct. Thought we’re off taking some generous holidays? Nice idea, but frankly speaking – no. Even though we have to admit that the weather so far has treated us very well, we’ve spent the summer working on a number of fields to improve our product.

In other words, with many of you hopefully getting a nice tan at the beach we’re using these somewhat more quiet times to do some serious work on the product development side. The latter is in full swing after having collected a ton of feedback from you. Thanks to those of you who volunteered to supply us with their thoughts!

Some changes to our service policy

A big thanks also to the users of our Wappwolf Automator. The growth rates in recent months have been astonishing, even beyond our imagination. Unfortunately though, with daily usage way beyond 1GB of files processed for some power users, this made it also clear that we needed to introduce some limits to your account. This is not to annoy you, but as a startup we need to keep an eye on this.

Rather than punishing you, or trying to rip you off, we have developed a low cost model that gives you the option of choosing from: two premium packages at $10 each (i.e. a prepaid one-week premium package, or a monthly subscription premium plan), and a free package. Premium packages enable you to do more on any given day, whereas the free package is limited to 100 files or 100MB per day and 3 automations only. If these thresholds are exceeded automations are stopped automatically for that day, and will continue the following day.

We hope this is seen by you as a fair equivalent for the usage of our services which, for the past 8 months, we provided free of charge. Read more about these limitations here, and get in touch with us at support@wappwolf.com if you want to voice your opinion.

More news on product development

Back to products: as many entrepreneurs know improving a product, while at the same time keeping customers happy, is a tight walk. This is why we have collected a lot of feedback on the likes and dislikes of our Wappwolf Automator from you. It enables us to do some serious work on improvements, test them and bring those to you in the coming weeks.

There is still lots of work for us to do, thus we won’t have any news all too soon. Keep on following our blog as we make announcements here periodically.

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