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What does Wappwolf stand for?
Web APPlication FLOW (=WOLF flipped)

What is your claim?
Your files in Action

What is your mantra?
Automate your file handling and add magic to you folders

What is the big picture?
We built Wappwolf to help people save time by automating tasks.
We let the internet work for them and make web apps talk to each other.

Wappwolf lets you automate tasks on any files and documents. It can do in seconds what would take you hours to do by hand. Connect individual web-based actions you want the computer do for you. There is no code to write. It’s as easy as sending email.

What is your overall objective?
To become no 1 platform for task automation in the web worldwide – simply: being the ‘Automator’ for the web

What are your constraints?
inflexibility and unwillingness of people to change their habits

What are the key success factors?

  • having many software developers providing lots of different file processing solutions (we call them micro-apps “Function as a Service”)
  • reaching high level of awareness in short order
  • deliver stable, scalable SaaS platform
  • provide missing link to thousands of single web applications

What are the competitors?

  • individual solutions
  • non SaaS software
  • organizational habits
  • consultants
  • and to name a few: Runmyprocess, joget, Wunderkit, ifttt, Tarpipe, Yahoo pipes and Quickbooks

Why do you believe you win?

  • We have experience both in the solution of the problem and as entrepreneurs.
    2001 we started DIG, the marketleader for business proccess outsourcing (eProcurement, eBilling, eRelation) in Austria. The idea was to take our profitable workflow solution to the next Software-as-a-Service level
  • Time is ready: internet, web 2.0 (community approach, user generated everything), speed of telecom infrastructure, business model (app-store, revenue sharing, cloud services)

What is the pain for the customer?

  • many different solutions, many of them are overkill
  • there’s a hell of a lot of apps out there, and there’s more by each day. – Yes, so what? You can log-in or sign-up for a service now thanks to connectors, but still those apps don’t talk to each other. One still has to do things here, than go there – costs time, is complicated
  • people and businesses are wasting a lot of time by manually processing documents and files. For non-technical people it is almost impossible to connect web services in order to create and automate workflows.
  • non-transparent market
  • time consuming, expensive handling

What makes your solution different?

  • Simply put, there’s a lot of great apps out there but none does yet do something for the user – one still needs to do things manually. That’s where Wappwolf comes in – automation, doing things for you by clicking the ‘Action’-button. Saves you time, and money
  • We let people create online workflows (Actions) by connecting micro web applications and services with a few clicks. We let apps talk to each other.
  • Our underlying technology enables developers to add and sell web services
  • intuitive handling
  • solution and benefit sharing for the whole ecosystem

What is your USP?

  • long time experience with many scenarios in file processing
  • excellent team
  • being the only platform focusing on files
  • being the first channel for web applications to be combined to a processing chain together with social sharing of experience
  • user specific saving opportunities, compelling automation, B2C and B2B, easy and intuitive user interface
  • fair business model

What is your market entry strategy?

  • Beta Launch in Nov11 in US
  • address as many developers as possible and call for applications
  • link with existing web application provider for cooperation
  • create a buzz around the brand with consumer market while addressing B2B markets as a second step
  • social media marketing to make Wappwolf known worldwide

Why did you launch at DEMO Conference?
We believe it is the right venue, the right place, the right time to get our idea proved and tested…and it was > watch

You are Austrians? Why are you in US?
We believe that in US internet startups find better circumstances for growth and funding. Additionally, the spirit and the openness of the people here is an advantage and is fitting to our mindset. It will be our key market.

We started as an Austrian based company and flipped to the US in mid 2011. Wappwolf Inc. constitutes the HQ.

What about the revenue model?

  • every single software developer sets the price for his app. It can be a one time price, a transaction based price with or without limits
  • Wappwolf always takes 20-30%

How can I benefit as software developer?

  • you have a sales machine
  • you define the price model and the price of your app
  • you earn money whenever your app is used in Actions
  • after you have written your app you just have to watch your income stream

How much do I have to pay as user?

  • it depends on the price of the apps you are using in an Action
  • there will be different apps for the same problem; you have the choice
  • there are no additional or hidden costs

What is you growth potential?

  • think of the number of files, it is huge and increasing
  • think of different types of documents: from invoice to videos, private usage and business oriented
  • take only invoices as an example: there are billions of invoices worldwide per year, and the eBilling market is growing tremendously
  • task automation market
    • #1 cause of wasted time
    • 5.7 M small businesses and 219 M prospective consumers (only in the US)
    • task specific target markets
    • no solution for files and document editing and sharing on the market
  • It is a market worth some $1.2bn (US)Oh boy! Yes, hello! Maybe you didn’t notice yet, but these are projections on current day assumptions. Wappwolf is going to change that to the better, meaning there will be more people using actions, which in turn means more money being spent – and that again means a larger market size. Howl!

What is your management involvement / time commitment of the founders?

  • Michael will change from DIG to Wappwolf
  • Chris will be 50% available on average, 100% in mission critical times
  • All others 100%

What is your personal financial commitment?
At the moment 500.000 USD

What is your management experience?

  • have a look at our CVs online and on our profiles at LinkedIn
  • google us
  • Michael Eisler CEO
  • Harald Weiss CFO
  • Dieter Dobersberger CTO
  • Christian H. Leeb CVO
  • Manuel Berger – Chief Engineer
  • Michael Lipper – BizDev

How do you manage the needed operational speed?

  • we are used to do that already
  • no fixed assets
  • flexible team and target oriented organization
  • financial controlling
  • management skills
  • we live the internet

What is your credibility as new company?

  • credibility of each single person involved
  • ask our network
  • credibility of former companies

What is your new venture experience?

  • Michael E. & Dieter: it is the 3rd venture experience
  • Chris: it is the 10th venture experience, some of them starting in parallel (he is Business Angel e.g. Jajah, Twingz, xScited, etc.)
  • Harald is running his 2nd startup, after managing his own consulting company

How is your scalability?

Our platform and business model is highly scalable, as once the platform runs stable and is established, there is not much effort to scale up. Developers allocate their new apps and users utilize the Actions on the platform. We are running all services in the cloud.

What is the strength of alternative solutions?
some of them have an established market: maybe they help each other not to change

Which pain do you really solve for your customers?

  • automate repetitive tasks
  • have fun with handling your files
  • time consuming choice of possible solutions
  • inconsistency of solutions
  • inflexibility for new / changed requirements
  • cost inefficiency of current solutions

What is the consumer adoption curve?
depending on user habits and requirements: from 1 day to several days – or ‘never’

Do you have growth projections?
yes, but only for internal use

What is your pricing strategy?

  • 30% of the price the developer charges for his app
  • easy to understand, easy to communicate
  • no additional fees

What is the strength of product differentiation?
it is a combination of file processing, app store, developer generated ecosystem and user oriented platform

What is the stage of product development?

  • main platform is ready > public beta in Nov11
  • first applications from different developers are up and running
  • for beta launch in Nov11 we release also: Windows client, iPhone/iPad app
  • the roadmap shows: Nokia Symbian app, Android app, Mac client, Browser plugins and the Action button
  • we currently establish strategic partnerships to other web services to embed the WW Action Button
  • Wappwolf itself will be user driven

What is the vulnerability of market leaders?
we believe they stick in revenue models of either licensing software or in focusing only on their own product

Do you have / plan strategic partners?
we are discussing with major consulting and IT companies

What is your brand strategy?

  • we want Wappwolf being known as the first platform for apps connected to flow
  • we communicate in many ways, we are open, transparent, flexible, touchable
  • you can become a fan on facebook, you can read our blog, you can follow us on twitter, you can discuss on our forum with others
  • we released a new viral intro vid
  • and we have a launch campaign ready to rock

What is your marketing plan?

  • The message: Wappwolf offers the most compelling and easy way to automate file processing. Wappwolf makes money when users save up to 90% time and money. It is free to use or you pay per Action. Wappwolf can increase revenue for developers via cost-effective customer acquisition.
  • we use mainly social media, we build relationships to journalists and bloggers, we trust our friends to make word of mouth
  • there will be partnership programs with developers and other web services
  • and a reward system

What is your sales strategy?

  • we do not need a classical sales approach
  • it is a self service for the developers and the users
  • each developer will try to get customers
  • we support the whole ecosystem

Do you have an emotional value proposition?

  • we are fair
  • we want to contribute to a better world
  • we share solutions, benefit, and revenue

What are the financial projections?
we have those for internal use only

What are your additional funding requirements?

  • we are currently talking with investors for 2m USD seed funding

Who controls the company?

  • Mike is the CEO
  • There is a corporate culture to discuss
  • The shareholder are also within the company

Do you have / need advisors?
Chris as our Business Angel is giving us advice and support

Do you have key sales relationships?
we are building partnerships to many web services to embed our Action Button and use their user-base as a leverage

Do you have key marketing relationships?
we are working with Foggensteiner PR agency to cover Austria, GraffitiPR for the US start and establish new relationships for ROW

Do you have IP protection?
we filed for IP protecton


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