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Online Press Kit

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Wappwolf Automator for Google Drive in the press:

Techcrunch “It’s clear from the numbers that plenty of people are using it, and actually do want something to sit above all these cloud storage solutions.”

Lifehacker “How to Supercharge Your Dropbox or Google Drive with Wappwolf”

TheNextWeb “GDrive Automator turns your Google Drive into a productivity machine”

Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox in the press:

Lifehacker “Pretty cool stuff. With the update, it’s worth a whirl.”

Venturebeat “Dropbox Automator saves your precious time by processing files for you”

ReadWriteWeb “If you haven’t yet given Dropbox Automator a whirl, I’d recommend taking a look at it.”

Futurezone “Dropbox Automator wird weiter gepimpt”

Wirtschaftsblatt “Wappwolf  ist in den vergangenen Monaten gelungen, wovon andere nur träumen können”


Lifehacker “Dropbox Automator is a powerful web app”

Techcrunch “…is a pretty amazing online tool that automates tasks”

ReadWriteWeb “The latest step towards human obsolescence? Dropbox Automator”

Engadget “DropboxAutomator triggers monotonous tasks with the uploading of a file”

Ghacks “Setting up Dropbox Automator could not be easier”

TheVerge “Dropbox Automator extends the functionality of your cloud storage”

HotHardware “DropboxAutomator creates reactions for file drops”

Technostarry “Combine this useful tool with if this then that and see the magic happen”

Wired “The service is really a glue which sticks together many existing web services”

GeekyGadgets “The great thing about the new service is that it all takes place in the cloud

TheNextWeb “If you’re not a Dropbox user, this app is a great way to get started using it”

Techcrunch Japan

German: “Dropbox Automator ist leicht und intuitiv zu bedienen, das Tool ist eine große Hilfe für Dropbox-Heavy-User”

Futurezone “Österreicher pimpt Cloud Speicher”

BasicThinking “Ifttt und Wappwolf: Es kommt Bewegung in das Thema Webautomation” “Österreichisches Startup automatisiert Dropbox”

Wappwolf in the press:


Venturebeat featured Wappwolf demonstrating at DEMO Conference “ a new way to do complex tasks”

Slapstart about Wappwolf “Run with the pack” of CNBC India interviewed Harald Weiss, CFO


Der Trend “Ich versuche in Österreich ein Katapult zu bauen, das mich endgültig in die USA torpediert.”

Pressemeldung Juni 2011 “Wiener Wappwolf wird amerikanisch”

GEWINN Okt 2010: “If you can make it there…”

Der Standard “Wappwolf wagt sich auf internationale Bühne”

Kurier “Austro Startup am Weg ins Silicon Valley”

Computerwelt “Wappwolf aus Österreich launcht im Silicon Valley”

Wirtschaftsblatt “Rechnungslegung wandert in die Wolke”

Computerwelt Kolumne of Christian H. Leeb “Know How made in Austria” “Automatisierte Workflows in der Cloud”

Martin Weigert

Output “Die verbindende Plattform”

Pressemeldung August 2010

Video Interviews:

Techcrunch TV Interview at Rocketspace with Wappwolf CEO Michael Eisler

CEO Michael Eisler and CFO Harald Weiss again interviewed by Jenn Karlman of InLab Ventures at DEMO Spring11

InLab Ventures interviewed CEO Michael Eisler and CFO Harald Weiss right after DEMO Fall 2010 stage presentation

StartEurope interview of CEO Michael Eisler and CFO Harald Weiss

DreamATV interview of CFO Harald Weiss

Demo Fall 2010 Social Lounge interviewed CVO Christian H. Leeb

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