Introducing the Wappwolf Action Pack. Helping you Automate your life in the Cloud

by Johnny TheDoc on 18/05/2012

How do you connect the Cloud? Here at Wappwolf we are constantly working on how we can showcase the advantages of what we offer and how you the user can take advantage of it!  This time we decided the best way is to show you, so we created The Wappwolf Action Pack showcasing the most popular ways people are using Wappwolf and how they are managing their various services in the Cloud.


Our Wappwolf Action Pack is a short collection of videos that show you how to use the most popular features of Wappwolf. We wanted to give live demonstrations that really show our power users and our newcomers how Wappwolf can be used without the hassle of learning a new process from scratch. So now you can print on the go, any document, end the life of email attachments and reduce the annoyance of attaching files. Read the rest of this article »

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Wappwolf Automator now for GDrive, leveraging the functionality that you Love

by Johnny TheDoc on 3/05/2012

Wappwolf Automator has processed 1 million files, since we started connecting clouds, like Dropbox, Evernote and Last month alone, over 170,000 photos were automatically synced between Dropbox and Picasa accounts. That is over 5,500 photos in one day.

On average, it takes about a minute per photo to upload to Picasa, which means that those users saved a total of 92 hours a day processing their photos through Wappwolf. Over the span of a month that equates to 2,760 user-hours saved! In addition, 100,000 files were converted to PDF and 35,000 documents were uploaded to individual Kindles. Wappwolf is on a mission to bring order and simplicity back to personal cloud application users’ lives. By leveraging the products and software we already use and love, Wappwolf enables us to save time and manage our lives better. With so many competing clouds trying to lock us in and take ownership of our data, Wappwolf is creating the pathway to give us, the consumer, more power about where we house our documents, photos and videos.
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Attach Me to Efficiency Through The Wappwolf Automator

by Johnny TheDoc on 12/04/2012

The Wappwolf Automator and is revolutionizing your productivity. Imagine getting rid of the cumbersome E-mail attachments you constantly receive and either replacing them with easy-to-read PDFs or conveniently housing them in your personal Dropbox or Evernote accounts. Now you can do exactly that and process even more – directly through your GMail account. Below are some examples of what you can do to increase efficiency, organization and greater productivity when dealing with digital documents, even when you’re on the run. Read the rest of this article »


The Wappwolf Automator: New Name. Intelligent Actions. Easy Collaboration.

by Johnny TheDoc on 30/03/2012

Dropbox Automator is now The Wappwolf Automator. We will be working with more partners due to overwhelming user response to the Automator!

Wappwolf Automator is a service developed by Wappwolf that makes use of an API to connect to other web services. At present we support Dropbox for drag & drop file processing, soon we will support other favorite web-services. In the coming months you will see us add more folks to our platform.

We have left all the other things that you love so much unchanged, but added some nice features that provide more comfort.

What if you could include an email in your automations that provides a direct link to the files? Or, tells you the file size? Read the rest of this article »


Investors Talk: Wappwolf invites You to Our Press Event

by Johnny TheDoc on 9/03/2012

You have heard about Wappwolf in the news? Yes, there was plenty of it and we are proud of it. Here’s your chance to become part of our success. Join our press event! Read the rest of this article »